Slow Down Child | POEM

I wrote this poem a few weeks ago and I recently came across it. It's one of those poems written in the moment and put aside. But reading it again, I was struck by how similar it is to another poem I wrote a  while ago which was borne out of a period of realization. Rather… Continue reading Slow Down Child | POEM


I Wait | Poem

Patiently, I wait As the sun pierces through And the first light of dawn appears As the gloomy night becomes glazed over And shadows hastily disappear   Patiently I wait As the thousandth seminar finally ends And I wearily shut the tenth book of the day As I sit, urging time to pass by And… Continue reading I Wait | Poem

Musings · Thoughts

Life Hasn’t Changed; I Just Got Older

I’ve recently come to realise that maturity doesn’t occur suddenly. People just don’t turn a certain age and become mature. Rather, maturity is a process; it takes time. And more often than not, the realisation of maturity is sudden. However, when the individual thinks back, they are able to see, even if vaguely, the many… Continue reading Life Hasn’t Changed; I Just Got Older