Keeping The Fire Lit

Slow down and make it a habit. There's pain all around and there's only so much you can do. But know this, there is SOMETHING you can do and it's your responsibility to find out what and how. Slow down and let it sink in. There're selfish, conniving, wicked thieves all around and they don't… Continue reading Keeping The Fire Lit


Reluctant Chains

This mind runs a mile a minute This mind decides its own fate Running swiftly; Taking flight This mind leaves chaos in its wake This mind wants free of chains This mind fears its own freedom This mind needs to be tamed This mind could cause real damage This mind frightens me This mind empowers… Continue reading Reluctant Chains



Anxiety Pressure in the chest Biting nails, jumpy eyes Tight throat, dizziness Oh please Freeze time, disappear, take a breath All around, the world moves And yet, not at all Scream please Voice cut off Failing heart... pressure... more pressure Shaky hands... pressure Heavy feet... pressure Pounding head... pressure Tightening up Threatening... never ending Ever… Continue reading Two-Faced

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When a ‘Sinking Ship’ Provides Safety

When a sinking ship provides safety, it points to the need for some serious examination. As a result of the displacement caused by various armed non-state actors in Nigeria, thousands of Nigerian have begun to seek refuge in neighbouring countries. This is in addition to the additional number applying for asylum further away. Yet, Nigeria… Continue reading When a ‘Sinking Ship’ Provides Safety