Personally Realistic

I always feel happy, content and thoughtful after reading a good book; and over the Easter break, I finished a good book! I came across this book mistakenly; in my sister’s room beneath a mound of tattered books and papers on her book shelf. Coincidence has never been this good!

In Depence by Sarah Ladipo Manyika. Without giving too much away, the book is basically a romance story intertwined with history, culture and emotion. Tayo, a Nigerian, goes off to Oxford for university and meets a fellow student Vanessa, a young English lady. Oh, and did I mention the story begins in the early 60s?

For me, that’s a huge plus. I love that time period… I love every period before now, I think. Lol. That I could go back and be a fly on the wall, observing, learning and experiencing. #daydreams

The book follows the story of this two through university, decisions made, mistakes, choices and everything in between. I love reading books such as this which explore the same character over a period of time.

I find it rather wonderful that we get to look through another’s life (even if fictional) and have the rare privilege of personalising these experiences.

We see how a choice can affect the whole life; we get to see the out play of a person’s destiny through their choices and mistakes; we get cues on how best to live our own lives!

A typical example is Francine Rivers’ Her Mother’s Hope and Her Daughter’s Dream. How I love those books, the fact that the stories span through centuries and times from when horses were the main means of transport to the introduction of cars to cell phones! Amazing, simply amazing.

Movies such as Richard Linklater’s Before Sunset (trilogy) and Boyhood seem to be there to give us (viewers) a jolt of reality. Resounding a universal and evasive truth – the infallibility of mankind. Many other movies portray this infallibility in an excessively underrated or overrated approach. We’re humans with emotions and I think it’s absolutely amazing that we get to relate to these emotions on a more personal level every now and then.

By another stroke of coincidence, I came across Wattpad a few years ago year, needless to say, coincidence is bae. Serendipity all the way!

Now, what did I find?

I found one of the rarest treasures known to humankind, an awesome, incomparable, edge-of-the-couch-seating, page turning, captivating, tear-shedding, permanent-grin-on-the-face-making, incredibly fantastic coming of age novel centred around a young Jess and a mysterious boy in the woods. The book by Katherine Arlene titled Boy in the Woods is what I’m raving about. I read it maybe a little over a year ago and I think I’m ready for a re-read.

So, what do you guys think about coming of age books or movies? Yay or Nay?

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