Hello Beautiful People

I have been working on a number of novels for a while now (years actually) and though I’ve always wanted to make them public as much as possible so I could get constructive criticism, I’ve been limited. And so, recently I’ve decided to publish here.

So this is not to raise hope unnecessarily. Rather, it is to prepare you, beautiful people. It’s to prepare you to be judges, critics and to be entertained. Yep, you get to be all and so much more 😉

Creative criticism is good for healthy growth and all round development and taking a step like this, exposes a writer to all kinds of criticism, discouragements, plagiarism and all other negative things.

And so, I’ve been wondering; Am I ready for that?

Truthfully, I don’t know. I don’t think I am. I don’t think I would ever be. What I am ready for, however, is to take the plunge and follow the flow while also creating my own path in the tide.

I’ve decided this is what I love so what’s the purpose of keeping it to myself all these years? I might as well entertain people and grow in the process.

So then, starting with my next post, I’ll post the intro to the story and after that, I will post a part of the story weekly. I still haven’t decided on which day of the week but which ever day I post the intro on will probably be the weekday I maintain. I’ve heard consistency is key :P.

Apart from the story, I will still continue to post other stuff. Just like before, but better, I hope.

I’m so excited to share my story with you guys (I think it’s actually part excitement, part fear, part worry but whatever! I only live once). I think it would be so much fun and many other things.

How excited are you to read it?


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