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The Bus Conductor

Keeping in tune with my New Year craving, I went into a bookstore on Friday and got two new books! Granted I didn’t find exactly what I wanted but I’m not disappointed. I’m currently on the second book and let’s just say I’m glad I made that stop on Friday and they might be seeing me again very soon. What New Year plan have you begun to work on? I would love to know!

So, while on the bus on my way home the other day, something caught my attention and caused me to think deeply.

Two men; one dressed in a shirt and trousers, a tie hanging loose around his neck, he’s chubby and looks educated and like he’s living comfortably. The other dressed in tattered clothes, speaks loudly and cares less what anyone thinks, he looks like an everyday worker, the typical street hustler. And no, it wasn’t their appearances that caught my attention.

As we progressed in the journey to another part of town, the part I call home, one of these men scrunched up a piece of paper and with a swift careless flip of his wrist, sent it flying free on the wide tarred road. The other man looked completely shocked, looked the first man over and shook his head sadly. His sad face made me sad.

So who do you think was who?

The world changes when we change our perspective.

First guy was the neat dude in a shirt. Second guy was the man in tattered clothes. First man just got off work, probably from an office where he’s a boss or someone important but then again, maybe he’s just a ‘normal office guy’. Second man was the bus conductor. Keep in mind that ‘bus conductor’ in Nigeria means something different than what it means in some other places. Nigerian bus conductors stand by the open door for the duration of the journey. They collect money from the driver and call out bus stops as the bus approaches. It’s a tough job.

What I witnessed really got me thinking. True, my thoughts moved on to other things mere minutes later. But a ‘forever’ kind of impression was left on my soul and I’d like everyone to take a moment to think deeply about the short event.

Carve Your Own


So, I’m not going to put off any interpretations. It could mean different things to different people so think about it and get your own interpretation. I just hope you learn something positive from it as I did. May the short story add a new perspective to your life and make you a better person all round.

©Oreoluwa Matemilola 2018 All Rights Reserved



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