Take it slow | Poem

I wish I could turn back the clock

Turn back the clock to yesterday

Yesterday when you were still here

When the sky was still blue

When the sun was mild

Yesterday when laughter filled the air

When the breeze brought good news

When smiling wasn’t such a chore.



I wish I could take a breath,

Let it out and have yesterday,

Like it once was,

An unspoiled paper wrapped present

Patiently awaiting my eager hands

And maybe take it slow

Savouring the feel of the paper

Allowing my gaze linger on each layer.


I wish I could go back to that moment

That one decision

Now, I know the importance,

Now, I understand its weight

And maybe slow down

Let it bounce around in my head

Let the repercussions ricochet like a stone

Bouncing along on the lake’s gentle surface.


I wish I could have all my wishes

The weight of yesterday makes today bleak

And my heart hums with this new understanding

With head held high, I know I’ll conquer.



(C) Oreoluwa Matemilola All Rights reserved



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