Irony of Life | Poem

Can I not have tomorrow already?

Served on a gold platter or no, disposables

I’ll take it

With its gloom, uncertainty and desires,

I’ll treasure it

Whether it’ll be my last or the first of many,

I want it

However I look at it

It’s got to be better than today

Oh, give me tomorrow and many more days to treasure.


©Ọrẹolúwa Matemilola 2018 All Rights Reserved


4 thoughts on “Irony of Life | Poem

  1. Good composition. Yes you have your tomorrow already. Tomorrow starts today. Even the journey of conquest starts with a decision made today. The way you meticulously follows your efficient plans and strictly adhere to pursuant of your daily to do list birth tomorrow. The only uncertainty about tomorrow comes from what your plan is? The source from which your desire springs from? If it is from God, be rest assured it is double certain.psalm:12:6.psalm:37:37. The write up is inspiring.


  2. Inspiration. Waking up this morning, The mist of intimidation and cruel hatred beclouded my innocent heart Engagement of the word of God dispels the mist from settling in my darling heart Just to ensure a ready made heart capable of confronting the challenges of the day with boldness and confidence Disillusion of fear and failure nearly colonised my soul and exercised its fake egimony upon the strange territory ( my heart) My prepared heart welcomes it with consolidated stronghold too formidable for it to break even Suddenly, disillusion of fear and failure lost its foothold and fled in disarray My heart regained its consciousness and starts the journey of destiny with excitement and confidence. Composed by Adigun Oluwagbemiga. I’ll be anticipating your comment on this.


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