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Lazy Humans

I heard Bisola crying last week;

I heard Uche suddenly bring up suicide.

Hassana’s shoulders drooped; her eyes looked weary.

Tosan sighed incessantly and stared unseeingly.

Ufedo wore long sleeves in the summer.

Aisosa always sat alone. Always.

I noticed all these and more;

The soundless cries from drowning souls;

Got no response from me.

One by one the owners drowned.

Someone might ask why they didn’t speak out,

And one day, we’ll realise how their screams got lost in our sea of indifference.

Depression is real and a lot closer than I think.

Still, today was just like yesterday.

For the hundredth time, Timi said he was tired

What a lazy human being‘, I thought with a weary sigh.

©Ọrẹolúwa Matẹ̀milọ́lá 2020 All Rights Reserved


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