The Dream, The Living and The Fading

The dreams we hoped for with deep longing are now becoming the memories we strive endlessly to hold onto to.

It’s been quiet here for a little too long hasn’t it? I can’t even make excuses, life has just been happening. Life with all its twists, turns and time we can never get back.

Anyway, a new chapter is beginning.

Life happens and it’ll always happen. The things we worry about will become history and we’ll go through the period of trying to remember the feeling whether bad or good.

Some feelings from the past will feel fresh no matter how much time has passed but most, most will fade. They’ll fade like the sun gives way to dusk.

Time will move along and in order to actually live and not glide by, we’ll have to dream up new dreams and hopes. And like that, the cycle continues.

Dreaming to live. Living to dream. Dreaming the dream. Living the dream.

And so, whatever chapter you are in presently, I hope you savour every moment because soon enough – much sooner than you imagine – those dreams whether fully or partly fulfilled will become distant memories.

Really that’s more a reminder to myself than anything else.

Live in the moment.

© Oreoluwa Matemilola 2021


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