The Secret That Can’t Be Told

There’s a secret that can’t be told. Sounds silly, I know. Why would it be a secret if it could be told, you may wonder. But I’m serious, this secret can’t be told. Ever.


Like wind brushing through tree branches, like a hearty laugh on sea waves, like you, like me

There are things we’re never meant to understand


Slow down or out you’ll spill what should never be told.

Hush now, hush, hush, slow down

Let the winds blow. Let the dark night bring in the morning light

Let the dry wind bring in the hot sun

Let 20 become 50 and then 80

Through all, times and seasons

Let the secret remain

Hidden just on the tip of our tongues, always teasing but never told

So yes, there’s a secret that can never be told

You ask me what it is and from the corner of my eyes, I watch you

Waiting for you to spill it

Who? Who? Who shall be the first to say what can never be said?

©Ọrẹolúwa Matẹ̀milọ́lá 2022 All Rights Reserved


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