It’s Another Day

She’s spiralling again. And yes, she’s entirely still

Her body is in one position, while her mind goes a mile a minute

She hears them call themselves stupid and tears fill her eyes as she turns towards the demeaning voices, and with the most profound conviction says, ‘never, never call yourself stupid!’

She explains how she can’t understand how anyone would call themselves stupid. In her heart, she’s completely honest and can’t understand the reality of what she just heard.

That was mere moments ago because as she walked down the road, she began to spiral. The eyes that weren’t actually looking at her, the voices all around, the people walking haphazardly; everything caused her to be anxious. All of it.

She continued to spiral

A movement here, a movement there. Completely unrelated to her, but she was spiralling so who could make her see?

Spiralling and spiralling, around and around she went in her head…until…

Until there was little else to fight until the tasks were done, the day was quiet and, the night was dark

Crawling in like an expected but unwanted visitor. Those same voices filled her head and in between the rambling, she heard it.


Like an echo across a shaded lake, the word floated around her mind. One word turned into a thousand until the first light of dawn slowly nudged the darkness aside.

Slowly, she arose. Another day to face the neverending spiral, another day to deny the obvious and push reality aside so she could function as a human. It’s just another day really.

Nothing more; nothing less.

©Ọrẹolúwa Matẹ̀milọ́lá 2022 All Rights Reserved


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