It was a cold rainy morning, a class teacher asked a class of primary school students to put their heads down and take a nap, and then, a young girl innocently found something she hadn’t known she was searching for.

From her seat in the second row, she spent a few seconds trying to sleep but the stories in her head became louder and louder. She finally gave up trying and sneakily began to give the stories the freedom they craved; from her young mind, the strokes of blue ink rapidly created amazing characters on the white paper.

But alas, the teacher caught her. Knees knocking, she stood before him with a racing mind. He raised a hand to halt her appeal as his eyes hungrily devoured the filled white paper. A slow smile grazed his lips and as if in slow motion, her yearning soul gulped up the words, “This is wonderful! Did you come up with it by yourself?”

That day, she flew higher than she’d ever thought she could. That day, she discovered something she hadn’t known she was searching for.


I would like to believe that I’m still figuring out who I am. I learn new, amazing things about myself every day. I think it would be boring if there was nothing new to find out.

I’m a person going through life like any other: Except with God, I’m pretty awesome and able to crush life like a boss.

I am Nigerian.

Nigeria is a country in the western part of Africa (Continent).

I have a BA in International Relations and an MA in Peace and Conflict. I believe we are all dominoes with the ability to make massive ripple effects.

How are you changing the world today?

I look forward to long, intelligent and thought-provoking conversations. I hope to fill this blog with such ‘conversations’ with you all!

That’s me!

Just so you know, I reckon it’s important to inform you

No, I do not plagiarise. I simply don’t fancy it and so I try not to *yawn*. All the thoughts on this blog are mine except otherwise stated. All pictures with texts are from pixabay or picfont unless otherwise stated.