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A ‘Moment’ On The Bus

Remember how I went on and on in recent posts about wanting to become more present and all that? Well, I have begun to take my own advice and I’m seeing things I seem to have always overlooked. I'm not referring to moments of epiphany. Not at all. These are moments that have always been… Continue reading A ‘Moment’ On The Bus


Regrets and Passive Lines

Never regret yesterday. Life is in your today and you make your tomorrow. - L. Ron Hubbard I’m currently reading Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood and yep, I’m taking my time. I’m actually reading two other books at the moment, so that makes three books I’m reading concurrently. It’s… Continue reading Regrets and Passive Lines


The Day I Learnt The Pronunciation Of The Word ‘Courier’

Nigerian secondary schools are infamously known for the substantial amount of notes students are compelled to take. No, these are not random notes taken during classes. They are definitely not notes written in the students’ words. And nope, they are not notes which are easily understood. These lengthy notes are compiled by teachers and either… Continue reading The Day I Learnt The Pronunciation Of The Word ‘Courier’