‘Untitled’ | Poem

Looking through old notes, I found this poem I wrote almost exactly 12 years ago and thought I'd share 😎. As I read it now, I wonder what was going through my mind when I wrote it. What's your interpretation of this poem? Climbing high up in trees Racing very fast on horseback, Feeling all… Continue reading ‘Untitled’ | Poem

Musings · Poetry

Lazy Humans

I heard Bisola crying last week; I heard Uche suddenly bring up suicide. Hassana's shoulders drooped; her eyes looked weary. Tosan sighed incessantly and stared unseeingly. Ufedo wore long sleeves in the summer. Aisosa always sat alone. Always. I noticed all these and more; The soundless cries from drowning souls; Got no response from me.… Continue reading Lazy Humans