Letter To Me – 365

I live on the 8th floor and this new year, I experienced the most extraordinary kaleidoscope of colours! It was absolutely brilliant. I'm not the biggest fan of fireworks - they're too loud and can be dangerous - and I'll admit I was unimpressed by the display at the beginning of the night. But it… Continue reading Letter To Me – 365

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The Glorification of Female Virginity

What does virginity mean to you? Does a female come to mind when you think of virginity? Or do you think of a 'loose' woman? Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay A Gender in Peace and Conflict module I took during my Master's program involved very long and interesting discussions and readings on gender in conflict.… Continue reading The Glorification of Female Virginity

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When a ‘Sinking Ship’ Provides Safety

When a sinking ship provides safety, it points to the need for some serious examination. As a result of the displacement caused by various armed non-state actors in Nigeria, thousands of Nigerian have begun to seek refuge in neighbouring countries. This is in addition to the additional number applying for asylum further away. Yet, Nigeria… Continue reading When a ‘Sinking Ship’ Provides Safety