Oh What Pain…

Sensitive content - this post contains the topic of suicide You know how algorithms on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram work right? Even if you aren't sure how they work, you probably have some understanding of them and if not, you've probably had moments where you've been terribly upset by them. Moments… Continue reading Oh What Pain…

Musings · Poetry

Lazy Humans

I heard Bisola crying last week; I heard Uche suddenly bring up suicide. Hassana's shoulders drooped; her eyes looked weary. Tosan sighed incessantly and stared unseeingly. Ufedo wore long sleeves in the summer. Aisosa always sat alone. Always. I noticed all these and more; The soundless cries from drowning souls; Got no response from me.… Continue reading Lazy Humans



Anxiety Pressure in the chest Biting nails, jumpy eyes Tight throat, dizziness Oh please Freeze time, disappear, take a breath All around, the world moves And yet, not at all Scream please Voice cut off Failing heart... pressure... more pressure Shaky hands... pressure Heavy feet... pressure Pounding head... pressure Tightening up Threatening... never ending Ever… Continue reading Two-Faced


Fickle Things

Her eyes sparkled Tomorrow looked so bright Each step with a bounce Nothing could hold her back ------ Like a window sliding shut The sparkle left her eyes Bleakness filled her view Nothing could take her back ----- ©Oreoluwa Matemilola 2019 All Rights Reserved