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My Very First Crush ðŸ˜Ž

It was 2002 or 2003 and I was in primary four or five. It was December and we were preparing for the end of the year school party which would include a play about the birth of Jesus, among other things.

The teacher made the announcement about the play and asked everyone who was interested to come for an audition. I barely listened as I was not even a little bit interested.

A few days later though, I found myself enthusiastically auditioning for the role of Mary!

What changed? You may ask.

Someone got cast as Joseph 😍

And I couldn’t resist. If he was Joseph, I was definitely going to be Mary 💪🏾

I got the role and rehearsals started. I was a bucket of nerves but was having a lot of fun. There was a part where Joseph had to support a pregnant Mary as they walked down the road and I remember wanting to melt! The nerves, the thumping heart – all signs of utter disbelief and awe at my proximity to this person 😊

One day, I bounced into the rehearsal room, ready for another day of nerves, fun and ‘hanging out’ with my special someone even if the feeling was one-sided. But, my bounce was erased like chalk on a board and my spirit was crushed like a pin to an inflated balloon.

The teacher announced that Joseph had dropped out of the play. There was a call for a new Joseph.

Excuse me? Joseph dropped out? Was I really the only one having fun? 🙆🏾‍♀️

With sagging shoulders and a crushed spirit, I quietly informed the teacher that I would also like to drop out. I mean what was the use of staying on? My reason just left without even a goodbye 😒

Fast forward 16 years later, I caught up with my one time Joseph on Facebook Messenger and we got talking, catching up and all that.

And then, out of the blues he asked if I remembered the play from primary school

How could I forget? 🙄🥺

And then he said… OMG he said he had a crush on me back then!

Apparently, he auditioned for the play because he actually wanted to do it, unlike some of us 🙈. He was completely surprised to find that I would be playing Mary and this made him shy because in his words, he ‘didn’t want to disgrace himself’. What? 🤯

He specifically mentioned feeling nervous in the part where Joseph had to support Mary. What?🤯

Anyway, the nerves got too much for him and he decided to leave the play.

And that’s how neither of us participated in the play. Neither the one who really wanted to but left because of a crush nor the one who didn’t want to but joined because of a crush.

Hearing his side of the events that took place felt surreal. It wasn’t one-sided after all! A while after hearing his side of the story, I still feel amazed every time I remember.

Meanwhile, I am impressed by my actions. I’m a go-getter people! Beware, if I have a crush on you, I’m coming for you 😉 and if I say I don’t like you like that, believe me.

Cheers to first crushes, infatuations and loves. Whatever yours was, and however it ended, I hope it left you with good memories and bright hope for the future. May all our loves align at the right time.

© Oreoluwa Matemilola 2021


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