My Name Is Ọrẹ

My name is Ọrẹ and no, I do not shorten it to make you comfortable

I certainly do not shorten it to make it easier to pronounce

And I most certainly do not shorten it because I hate the full form

I could introduce myself as a dozen things and I have 4 different legal names to choose from

But, I introduce myself as Ọrẹ because I want to be called Ọrẹ

It’s as simple as that really, no hidden meaning or explanation

Fishing to find a reason or informing me of what a terrible idea it is to change my name to fit in can’t change the fact.

Adding that I made the right decision because Ọrẹ is easier to pronounce than Ọrẹoluwa does nothing more than present you as small-minded and ignorant in such a diverse, globalised world.

The name Ọrẹ has a beautiful history among my people, a wonderful meaning and is used on some of the most joyous occasions so no, I didn’t invent Ọrẹ for your comfort.

And the fact is, I choose to be called Ọrẹ. I have been called Ọrẹ all my life and I wouldn’t change it to make anyone comfortable.

How can I make you understand, my name really is Ọrẹ and I do not simply shorten it to make you comfortable.

©Ọrẹolúwa Matẹ̀milọ́lá 2022 All Rights Reserved


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